Chocolate Salted Caramels

February 15, 2010

When I was seven years old, I walked into the living room where my mom was watching TV and asked her, “Mom, what’s in caramel?” She said, “Mostly butter and sugar. Why do you ask?” And I said, “Oh, no reason…” Then I wandered off. And while my mother watched tv, I microwaved a bowl containing a stick of butter and a forkload of sugar. It didn’t take a seven-year old genius to figure out that this was definitely not caramel. But I ate some of it anyway. And didn’t feel so hot after (surprise!)

Fortunately, my next caramel making experiences were far more successful. Late one night, I was perusing my very favorite foodblog when I came across a recipe for Salted Chocolate Caramels. And suddenly, despite it being far too late to try something like this, my love of caramel overtook my desire to sleep and I decided to give it a whirl.

Caramel hardens as it cools. The flavor of my caramel was delicious, but I overcooked it and it was too chewy. I relied on my candy thermometer, which was cheap and, as I would later discover, off by about 20 degrees. If you have a really great candy thermometer, use it. If not, use the ice-water method to determine how firm your caramel will become when it hardens. This method involves dropping a spoonful of your caramel into a bowl of ice water. For detailed instructions on this method, click here.

Well, I’ll tell you what. My friends and I ate them all up before I remembered to take a picture of the finished product! Here’s as close to finished as I got to photodocument.

And in related news, if you couldn’t tell from the major upgrade in photo quality today, I found my camera cord!

The Recipe



One Response to “Chocolate Salted Caramels”

  1. Patti Howe Says:

    Elizabeth, even at 7 years old your curiosity for life was apparent!

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