I’m Still Out Here, I Promise!

March 20, 2010

Hello friends! Will and I are currently on vacation. This post is to alert you to the reason for my posting absence and to let you know I have MUCH to tell you when I get back home. Here is a little palate teaser: today Will and I went waaaaaaaay out in the country to a Mom and Pop place that cans delicious jams, jellies, and salsas out of produce they grow themselves. Guess whose idea this trip was, and guess who gets the Boyfriend of the Year Award for going out there with me?? I learned SO MUCH about canning. The man who taught us so much about canning introduced himself by saying, “I’m Farmer Bob.” Will asked (for clarification purposes), “So, did you want us to call you ‘Bob,’ or ‘Farmer Bob?'” And he said, looking at us as though we may have sprouted a third ear, “My name is Farmer Bob.” Then he lectured to us about his overalls. But more on that when I’m home. I’m taking lots of pictures and learning lots about food and wine. Until next week, bon appetit my friends!


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