Vacation! Part 1 of 2

March 28, 2010

Will and I have returned from our road trip and we are back to the daily grind. We had a spectacular vacation where we stopped for two nights at an adorable winery/B&B, and then continued our roadtrip to Vegas. We ate so much good food I can salivate just thinking about it. And it all started with breakfast at the Wine Country Inn.

Where I ate this amazing granola. It was filled with dried cranberries and raisins, which lacked the cloying sweetness and staleness of the stuff from the package. They were just slighty sweet and tart. It was crispy and chewy and lovely. Will most loved the crispy hashbrowns and breakfast stromboli (filled with spinach and bacon and cheese). Later, we went on a wine tasting next door at Grande Valley Wine Vineyards. They were so nice there, and spent 45 minutes educating us on wine! We bought a bottle of our favorite and then played in the creepy vineyards.

We then headed to Vegas and met up with a bunch of our friends. We had a great night there, the highlight of which was perhaps drinking tallboys at the Bellagio while marveling at this 26 foot tall chocolate fountain at Jean-Philippe Patiserrie. And the rest of our trip was filled with delicious food. Lots of Michelin-Star and otherwise notable chefs open up restaurants in Vegas, with food that is up to their high standards, but is much more affordable than their restaurants located at the coasts. Take, for instance, Michael Mina’s SeaBlue, which came with a 2 for 1 entree coupon from Tix 4 Tonite (which is a great way to get discounted dinner and show tickets). No, I’m not kidding. We ate there for half of what we should have paid. I had the best scallops of my life there, accompanied by the best naan and the best hummus in the entire universe. Which I sadly did not take pictures of because I was too busy stuffing my face. This hummus was so good that Will and I had no idea what we were eating until we almost licked the hummus bowl clean and asked the busboy what the delicious, tan sauce was. We about passed out when we found out it was hummus, because it in no way resembled anything hummus-like we’d ever eaten before. It was filled with exotic spices, smooth and creamy and light, and could have easily been consumed with a spoon. I am sorry I took no pictures. To make up for my massive pictureless brainfart, I have included below a picture of beautiful pastries from Jean-Philippe Patisserie at the Bellagio.

Well, I still have one more food adventure to tell you about, but I am going to devote an entire post to it because it is about… THE BEST THING I HAVE EVER EATEN. Here are some hints as to what this spectacular thing is: Consumed at Bouchon, involving goat cheese, regarding Dwight Schrute. Until tomorrow, friends, cheers!


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