Vacation! Part 2 of 2 including… the best thing I have ever eaten.

March 29, 2010

 I am prepared for the mocking that surely awaits me at work. I ate the best thing I have ever consumed in my entire life in Las Vegas. I will never forget a single second of eating it. And it was… (drumroll please)… beets. To be precise, it was Salade de Betteraves et Poireaux. “Marinated beet and spring leek salad with toasted hazelnuts, garden mache & sherry vinagrette.” First, I took a bite. Immediately, a wonderful smell filled my nostrils and then made that bite taste somehow very different, and even better. The flavor was like beets plus lemon meringue. I know, it sounds weird. But it was amazing. And, (I kid you not), I almost cried it was so good. It was just that transcendent. I ate this beet and was overwhelmed with joy. I think if you have experienced this before, you will sympathize and even agree with what a loopy-loo I sound like right now. [I am currently praying that this is the case, otherwise I realize I am sounding universally like a nutjob]. Yet again, I left this experience pictureless. I am hoping I will make up for this by giving you a picture of this amazing gnocchi (with a fricasse of vegetables–including my beloved beet greens and broccolini!– and beurre noisette) that I had for a main course:

And a picture of Will’s delicious duck (with swiss chard leaves, white asparagus, rhubarb confit, and sauce au poivre). How do you make asparagus not stringy at all??? I will research this and report back to you, friends. 

Alright, let the Beet Freak say one last thing about these beets. After I ate them, I asked the waiter how they were made. I have read before about the excruciating complexity of a Thomas Keller recipe (in this lovely blog, about a lady who cooks her way though Thomas Keller’s French Laundry Cookbook), and assumed this recipe would at the very least contain truffle oil or any other host of ingredients far beyond the price range of a nurse making a middle-class income. And do you know what he told me? They were cooked sous-vide, in nothing more than sherry vinegar, salt, and pepper. THAT’S IT. 

Well, my mind’s been blown. Hopefully this post was more than just a lovefest about this beet dish, but upon third revising I am doubting it is anything more than that. But, I had to give credit to these amazing people at Bouchon who served me this spectacular meal. There is no way I could not post about it. I’m done gushing about it. I am now returning to recipes next post. To thank you for reading, here is a picture of a robot that wields a flame-throwing sword in Caesar’s palace. 


One Response to “Vacation! Part 2 of 2 including… the best thing I have ever eaten.”

  1. Patti Howe Says:


    The only way I’m going back to LV is with you and Will as “food tour guides!”

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