April 7, 2010

It happened. My camera is down for the count. It has been a lovely 7 years. I am going to bring it to the shop tomorrow to see if it can be resuscitated. Until it has been repair-ethed, here are a few old pics to keep you coming back to my blog! And if it’s not repaired by Friday then I’ll post anyway using pics taken with my computer (not as nice but they get the job done). Speaking of cameras, check out this NYTimes article on obsessively taking pictures of what you eat

 This is Will munching mid-hike on some rosemary and sea salt focaccia I made. Speaking of which, I need to get that recipe to you, stat!

Goat cheese, spinach, olive, and artichoke heart pizza. NOM. All you artichoke lovers should check out Costco. They sell 65 ounces of marinated artichoke hearts for less than $10. Those are featured here in this pizza. 

This is a milk chocolate covered caramel. The milk chocolate part was unplanned. I made caramels using a recipe I’d found online which told me to add 3 times more salt and 1/2 the needed amount of sugar than the author intended. (Gah, if only I’d read the comments before making the recipe!) I tried them and they set up, but they were way too salty. I called Katherine who came to my rescue by telling me to dunk it in chocolate. And it was then awesome. So I would say that if I were to have an adage it would be, “Chocolate heals all kitchen mishaps.” Or, “When in doubt, dunk it in chocolate.” 

And, finally, this is Will’s beautiful (and unintentional!) cutting board set up for a delicious chicken-peanut-coconut-lime dish he made. It was so good. I am trying to get him to start guest-blogging. Wouldn’t you love to read a guest blog by Will?


2 Responses to “Camera!”

  1. ro ro Says:

    oh yes, it would be GREAT to have a man’s imput,,,YOU GO WILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    love you my dear niece
    auntie xxoxoxoxoxoox

  2. joe stanton Says:


    Ps: Made your artichokes yesterday. Mmm!

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