Happy 6 Month Anniversary To My Blog!

August 14, 2010

It’s my blog’s 6 month anniversary! Or, actually, it was a few days ago but I forgot (Sorry, Blog. Please don’t make me sleep on the couch tonite). Tardy or not, I think this occasion deserves a recap of my Top 5 Favorite Recipes from the past six months. Click on their names to link to the recipes. Drumroll please…

1. SPINACH, STRAWBERRY, AND GOAT CHEESE SALAD I love balsamic vinegar, I love berries, I love goat cheese. There was a point this spring where I was eating it twice a day. And besides being delicious, it’s a cinch to put together. Perfect when summer rolls in and I want to avoid using my oven at all costs. Raspberries also work well as a substitution for strawberries.

  2. SPINACH QUICHE A slice of cold quiche is my ideal meal for a hot summer day. The crust on this one is easy to make. The quiche is delicious and hearty. And it uplifts me at my 3am/3pm slump during a rough day at work. I’ll think to myself, “Ugh, today is so hard! But wait, I have quiche!” 

3. ZUCCHINI SPAGHETTI WITH GOAT CHEESE  This could pass for a dish at a fancy restaurant. It’s also the dish that made me like zucchini. It’s rich yet light, creamy and slightly spicy. Definitely one of my favorite meals of all time.

4. HAND ROLLED PASTA  Hearty and chewy. The cratered imperfections from hand-rolling create traps for spices, cheese, and sauce. My very favorite way to eat this pasta is to boil it, then quickly sautee it in butter and garlic with a grind of black pepper and a splash of pasta water. I’m hooked.

5. LEMON CAKE Labor intensive? Absolutely. The best cake I’ve ever eaten. Hands down. Even if you are anti-icing (like I usually am), put your hesitations aside. This icing is just sweet enough to balance the sourness of the lemon. The cake is the perfect blend of tangy and sweet.

Happy Half-Year, Blog! And thanks to all of you for reading 🙂


2 Responses to “Happy 6 Month Anniversary To My Blog!”

  1. Richard Cathcart Says:

    And it is a very nice blog.

    The neighbor has a vegetable garden and he has an abundant crop which no one in his family will touch. The rabbits have left it alone, too, which seems impossible, but he must some country secrets to grow without fences, fertilizer, etc. He keeps bringing us cucumbers, which we ate today with lemon juice. Soon the melons will be ready.

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