Greens with Beets, Goat Cheese, and Toasted Hazelnuts

January 11, 2011

I think last Sunday and Monday at work, someone must have put a sign on my back saying, “Please! Make sexual jokes that will make me extremely uncomfortable!”

On Monday, I asked my patient if I could replace a few of her telemetry leads that were starting to unstick. These leads are placed in areas around the chest. She said ok, and then her 50 year old husband, (wearing hunting camo, I might add) said “Hey, remember yesterday when that young guy grabbed your boob to do that? I bet YOU felt young again!” I told them I could not guarantee a similar experience.

On Sunday, I walked in on my patient’s husband applying her hemorrhoid cream. I said, “Oh, sorry, I’ll come back in ten.” When I came back, I attempted to break the awkwardness by making a joke. I said, “Hoo boy, I’ve got some timing, huh?” The wife said, “Oh don’t worry, he likes it,” and the husband said, “I think I’ve got some Greek in me.”

I needed something wholesome after those experiences. Namely, my at-home interpretation of my favorite restaurant salad of all time. The beets are caramelized, the goat cheese is soft, the hazelnuts are toasted.

This salad is fantastic. I make it (and margherita pizza, and red wine that I have clearly started drinking far before dinner as you can tell by my near empty glass) when I want to be awesome.

If you make it, let me know how it goes! But please, don’t elaborate on too much else…


Serves 2


1 bunch beets (smallest you can find)


1/3 cup raw hazelnuts

4 cups mixed greens

4 oz goat cheese

sherry vinegar, to taste

Salt & cracked black pepper


Wash and dry salad greens. Set them in a bowl.

Take your goat cheese out of the fridge to let it get to room temperature.

Preheat oven to 400. Cut stems off beets. Cut off the little beet tail. Cut a large rectangle of aluminum foil. Line up beets in center of foil, then bring the long side and short sides together, creating a pouch. Put two or three tablespoons water in pouch, then crimp pouch shut.Cook beets 30-40 minutes, until just tender. Allow to cool.

Decrease oven temperature to 325. While beets cool, toast your hazelnuts. Spread hazelnuts onto a baking sheet. Bake 10-15 minutes, until toasted. Halve them and rub the skins off them with your fingers, if you like (a nice touch, but not necessary by any means).

Peel your beets with a vegetable peeler. Cut beets into quarters. Heat 2 tablespoons EVOO in a skillet on medium-high heat. Once hot, add beet quarters. Allow beets to cook in hot EVOO for 5-10 minutes, flipping them halfway. Remove when they are hot and arrange over the salad greens.

Toss the salad greens and beets with EVOO and sherry vinegar, to taste (I like about 1 tablespoon sherry vinegar and 1/2 tablespoon EVOO). Sprinkle the hazelnuts and goat cheese over the salad. Sprinkle black pepper over the salad. Enjoy!


2 Responses to “Greens with Beets, Goat Cheese, and Toasted Hazelnuts”

  1. patti howe Says:

    This too is my favorite! Thank’s so much for the recipe EB!! Love, mom

  2. katecooks Says:

    sounds delish! i have beets waiting to be made into a salad right now actually. i roasted beets for the first time monday night and am amazed at how easy and YUMMY they were. the addition of goat cheese is brilliant 🙂

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