How to Have a Sick Time in Vegas

March 25, 2011


Step 1: Check into sick Planet Hollywood Towers suite with 10 friends.*

Step 2: Enjoy free admission and free drinks from 10:30-midnight at Bank simply for being a woman in Vegas during March Madness.

Step 3: Become entranced by shiny, sparkly things.

Step 4: Stuff face into box of Cheez-its in in-room Jacuzzi at 3am.**


Step 1: Recover at the pool

Step 2:

Eat life-changing Pre Theatre menu at Le Cirque with 6 of our best friends.***

Step 2: Consider waiting in line for a cab to the club, then bargain with a desperate stretch limo driver instead.

Step 3: Have an okay time at Tryst.

Step 4: Continue having an okay time at Tryst.


Step 1: Wander around the Strip.

Step 2: Consider your life changed yet again after going to see Ka****.

Step 3: Recreate the Cirque de Soleil experience from the comfort of your own suite.

Step 4: And while you’re at it, create a Lady Gaga experience as well.


Step 1: Wonder how the hell you’re going to handle 6 more hours in Vegas.

Step 2: With chicken and waffles at Bouchon, that’s how!

Step 3: Goodbye, Vegas! See you next year.

*Baller suites are affordable when you cram 11 people into them.

** When I asked Sarah if she preferred me to use this picture versus one where she looked more like herself, she said, “Use the horrible one. You know dignity is not important to me. But accuracy is.”

**This 3 course meal (plus amuse bouche and itty bitty candies) is $68 without wine pairing and $98 with. If you love going out to eat great food, you must eat here.  It is in the top 3 meals of my life (and believe me, I’ve eaten some great meals). That was the best $100 I’ve ever spent. Of course, not all best friends were present.

*** Get 20% off Ka tickets by joining the MGM Player’s Club (it’s free). Get the second cheapest seats. If you buy the expensive ones and sit in the front, you’ll miss seeing a lot of the aerial stuff.


9 Responses to “How to Have a Sick Time in Vegas”

  1. Leah Says:

    I thought the asterisk next next to best friends was going to say something like “not all best friends were present” or something like that. haha. I so wish I could have been on this awesome trip. Glad you guys had so much fun!

  2. Patti Howe Says:

    OMG! Thank’s for sharing the fun and outrage! Love, Mom

  3. Sarah Says:

    Thank you for linking to Bank’s website, because now I know that “The Bank is Las Vegas’ premier nightlife destination, catering to a discerning audience with higher sensibilities.” Which, lolololol Bank.

  4. Sarah Says:

    “Like its namesake, The Bank will be a sanctuary for all things precious – the décor and design are no exception. Attention to detail abounds where combinations of rich textures and modern elements will create a harmoniously paired aesthetic. A resplendent palette of colors will complement the club’s intricate details creating a luxurious yet contemporary vibe.”


  5. Reed Says:

    I do think that about covers it.

  6. Nelie Says:

    “Use the horrible one. You know dignity is not important to me. But accuracy is.” SO MANY THUMBS UP

  7. katecooks Says:

    I think its impossible to not have an outrageously good time in vegas no matter what you do! Rachel and I are taking baby sis Hannah there in June for her 21 birthday…can you believe she is so old? What?? I can’t wait to sponsor her first vegas weekend 🙂

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