Pa Amb Tomaquet

June 27, 2011

I have SO MUCH to tell you! First, this:

That’s us! Will and Elizabeth. All our a cappella group rehearsals (how we met) and all those late nights spent watching the Muppet Show (not a joke, or a euphemism) led us here.

And we got to share it with so many of our very favorite people. Our ceremony was the most epic dance party we’ve ever been to. And a lot of our friends have told us it was the best party they’ve ever been to! I could go on and on about it, but I think I’ll just show you some pictures instead.


“I woke up the morning after your wedding and waited for the pain. But the pain was in my spine. From rocking out. So hard.”- Sarah, showing off her assets next to Andrew

David! Who had a dougie-off with Will.


During “Shout”

“I may not be the best dancer, but I am the MOST dancer” – Craig

By the end of the night, my hair fell out of place. Possibly from jumping during “Shout!” Or maybe from playing air guitar during the Journey Sing-A-Long. Possibly from fist pumping…during almost every song. I don’t how it happened but I know it was worth it.

I have left you recipe-less during almost the entire month of June, so here is a recipe for Pa Amb Tomaquet (Tomato Bread), an import from our honeymoon in Barcelona (more details on our honeymoon in upcoming posts). People in the Catalan region of Spain eat this bread with their meals the way people in the States get a bread basket with dinner. It is perfect in its simplicity. A piece of good bread is toasted, rubbed with garlic, rubbed with a tomato, and finished with olive oil. Deeelicious!

PA AMB TOMAQUET (as taught to us in a tiny restaurant in Monserrat)

No quantities of ingredients are included, because how much or how little you use is really up to you.


Good bread, toasted or grilled

Garlic cloves, peeled

Tomatoes, sliced in half


Good olive oil


Rub your slice of toast with garlic. Squeeze your tomato half over your toast, then rub the tomato on the toast, so the juice and pulp soaks in to the bread. Sprinkle your bread with salt. Drizzle with olive oil to finish. Enjoy.

The new additions to my family (minus Will’s mom, who can be seen waltzing with him one picture up). Aren’t they a good looking bunch?


One Response to “Pa Amb Tomaquet”

  1. katecooks Says:

    you look so beautiful and so happy. congrats!!!

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