Blog: Where have you been?

Elizabeth: Please take me back even though I’ve neglected you.

Blog: No. I’m no one’s leftovers.

Elizabeth: But leftovers are so good sometimes! Sometimes they’re even better than the original meal.

Blog: I don’t believe you.

Elizabeth: Take, for instance, these lamb shanks. Sometimes when you leave things alone for a while, and the flavors have time blend and develop, the leftovers are better than the original.

Blog: Prove it.

Blog: Well, okay.

Add bottle of wine. WIN OVER WINTER.

MEDITERRANEAN LAMB SHANKS WITH CREAMY POLENTA, Bon Appetit, October 2003 (click for recipe)

My only change was to add only 3 lamb shanks instead of 6 (too much meat for 2 people, even with leftovers). I kept the rest of the recipe the same. It was perfect!